Here are the stories of our community collaborators: 



Trans activist and founder of Almas Cautivas, A.C., a nonprofit community organization that provides legal and community support services to trans people imprisoned in Mexico City's penitentiaries. 

nomi ramírez

Nomi serves as Executive Assistant at the Centro Nacional de Educación Sexual (CENESEX) in Cuba and is an active member of the TransCuba network. In her role of activist, she advocates for the inclusion of Afro-Cuban trans people in the public sphere. 


Relentless entrepreneur, cabaret performer, and trans activist, Roshell Terranova has helped the political stage for the inclusion of trans rights in Mexico City's legislation. A fierce entertainer, she is in charge of running the acclaimed night club Casa Roshell. 

roxana rojo

A cabaret performer, iconoclast, and activist, Roxy The Red, also known as Pedry González Reynoso, has captivated all audiences across Cuba. Her performances are proof that activism also takes the shape of a cabaret show through which a critique of heterosexual structures are challenged. 

Lia la novia sirena

Lia García, better known as Lia La Novia Sirena, is a trans activist and performer whose public interventions insist on reflecting on the emotional charges that bind us. Affective encounters, or encuentros afectivos, are a series of public performances through which Lia invite the audience to think about sexuality, intimacy, and social change. 

angeline llorente

Angeline is an active member and activist of TransCuba Network, which provides health support and legal advice to trans-women living in Havana, Cuba. 

In honor of activist and artist Vivian Rocco, this video pays homage to her life and artistic trajectory. Her sudden death in early 2016 reminds us of the fragility of trans lives. Rocco intertwined photography and film as a form of cultural activism from which she could speak about the diverse experiences of LGBT collectives. 

sisi montiel

As an activist working with Alianza Cubana Manos and director of Red Trans Fantasía, Sisi has been part of an autonomous LGBT rights movement in Cuba. In this video, she talks about the difficulties trans women face in Cuba today in spite of the many efforts to eradicate transphobia across the island.